Friday, May 01, 2009

Kamloops Trip, Food Edition, Part 3

On Sunday, after a breakfast of homemade egg mcmuffins made by S, my dad picked me up and drove me down the highway to my friend Anita's place. She has a ranch style home on a large property in the countryside just beyond Kamloops. I actually lived there for a few weeks when I first left my husband in May 2005, but hadn't visited since about spring of 2006. Lots of changes, but this one was the most impressive for me:This is their brand new fridge/freezer combo: freezer on the left, fridge on the right. Isn't it amazing? Trust me, it's even more impressive in real person! I was continually drooling over this the whole time I was there!

For dinner, Richard made a Mexican dish of yummy rice, sauted peppers, BBQ chicken with lime and cumin, and sliced avocado. It was excellent, and Richard is an amazing cook.On Monday, Anita and I went into Salmon Arm to run some errands and visit Gort's Gouda. This is a really cool cheese factory on a farm and you can walk around and visit the cows and sheep, sample the wide variety of gouda on offer, and have an actual tour of the factory. We visited the animals and sampled some cheese but we didn't have the tour. I actually used to live not far from here and often went to Gort's, and I can honestly say that they make superb cheese. Apart from gouda, they also make quark, different sheep cheeses, fresh cheese curds, sheep's feta and other stuff.

There were lots of animals to see. Visitors can wander around the barn where the cows, calves, sheep, and lambs live - and who doesn't love calves and lambs? There were plenty of babies to see! The St. Croix sheep herd had many lambs, and of course they were so cute. Also, there were lots of calves, which were also very cute. Many of the animals are pretty friendly and would come up to use to be stroked or to suck on our fingers, and while I'm not a fan of animal phlegm all over my hands, I was OK with it because I always pack hand sanitizer with me. Lambs make me smile...Calves make me smile...Gouda makes me smile...I bought a small round of Italian-flavoured gouda, since the one with red pepper and cumin that I usually get wasn't available.

For dinner that night, Richard was away working, so Anita and I slapped a couple of steaks on the BBQ, made a Caesar salad, and I had a baked potato. Yum!
And who else ate well during my stay? Anita's neigbour's llamas, of course! He keeps a herd of sheep and as they graze in the back 40, he has the llamas there to protect them. Llamas love snacks - especially alfalfa and carrots, and Anita always has some on hand. The sheep are shy and don't take well to hand feeding, but the llamas got right in there! In fact, they are known to hang around the back gate waiting to be fed.

And that about sums up the food angle of my trip!

For more about my adventures, you can read this post.


Coleen's Recipes said...

I have never seen such a beautiful fridge...I definitely have fridge envy. Your trip to Kamloops sounds wonderful.What a perfect get-away.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What a great place and kitchen! I love that immense fridge!

Cheers and have a nice weekend,


girlichef said...

Yup, amazing fridge! I want one like may take up my whole kitchen, but who cares! I love gouda, too...and those llamas, so cute :)

Cathy said...

I love Gort's Gouda - it's my favourite place to visit in that area. And I'm seriously jonesing for that fridge...I may need to rethink how I want to redo my kitchen in a few years so that will fit!

Bob said...

That fridge is amazing. It's the size of my whole kitchen!

Wandering Coyote said...

Isn't this fridge/freezer just out of this world? It wouldn't fit in my kitchen, either! I should have taken a picture of the inside, because that was just as impressive.

Elra said...

Oh the illama is the cutest thing on earth!
Is that really a fridge? kidding.... it looks beautifully gigantic, no?

mister anchovy said...

I've never seen a fridge that big...over the top!


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