Friday, May 01, 2009

And Now For a Non-food-related Interlude...

I just wanted to take a moment to provide you with a blurb about an non-food issue close to my heart, mental illness. If you weren't aware before from reading my other blogs (Wandering Coyote and my mental health site, I'm Listening), I am "mentally interesting." Meaning, I live with mental illness. May is Mental Health Awareness month, and I thought I'd promote it here on ReTorte by giving a shout out to cartoonist Chato B. Stewart of Mental Health Humor, who is having a cartoon-a-thon. Please check out his site and support the cause in some way.

In an email Chato wrote the following:
May is Mental Health Month and we are going to hold our2nd annual Cartoon-a-thon. This is when I try do draw one cartoon every day of the month. Our goal is to bring awareness to mental illness and to raise funds along with having fun too. The next stage of the Mental Health Humor Cartoons is the development and implementation of the Mental Health Humor project and funding free public presentations. My-self and a few other local volunteers will be heading this up to bring it to the public.

Yes, funding is always an issue so I'm asking if you can pledge a little something to the cartoon-a-thon.

Things you can do to help:

1. Visit our website every day to see the new cartoon (posting by 1:PM daily)
2. Sponsor us by pledging $5.00 or more. (Paypal or personal check)
3. Ask others if they would like to pledge (see this sponsor sheet)
4. If you have a blog or website / or e-mail list, post or send the new daily cartoon to them.
5. Print out and share the cartoons in your office or with your doctor.
6. If your on Facebook or MySpace or an other social network share them there.
7. Do what ever you can to be a part of Mental Health Month.

Any one who makes a $25.00 donation can have them-selves drawing as a caricature and used in one of the cartoons.

This is a funnest way to celebrate our month not just to bring awareness to mental health, believe me people know where here! No the best way is to celebrate our road to recovery laughing all the way.

I can't afford to donate, but I can put a smile on your face with a cartoon. We don't have Arbor Day in Canada, but I liked the sentiment nonetheless.

Also BPD in OKC has informed us that Wear Purple Day - to promote awareness of Borderline Personality Disorder, one of the diagnoses I have - is May 15th, and to show support, I'll be wearing purple two weeks from today. I have a great purple tank top; I hope it's tank top weather by then!

Regular food-related posts will resume as scheduled! Thanks for reading; I really appreciate it!


Monica Cassani said...

I'm in bed with just a tank top on and a pair of purple underwear...will that work??

or do I need to do this again in two weeks??

Wandering Coyote said...

Ahhh....whatever you are comfortable with!

Monica Cassani said...

mmm...sorry if that wasn't funny to you...I was trying to be funny...

I don't know you very well, maybe it was is the truth though...

sorry if that sort of humor doesn't fly here...i can't tell by your answer what you thought of now I"m mildly paranoid...


Wandering Coyote said...

No, no - don't be paranoid! It was funny, but I didn't quite know how to respond to it! At first I was like, TMI, but if you want to wear purple undies and tank top on May 15, that would be great too!

Heather S-G said...

Thanks for bringing this to my attention...a worthy cause and yes, definitely a fun way to do it! I'll do what I can :) (that might include purple underwear, it might not...)

Coleens Recipes said...

This is a subject close to my heart. All of us have SOMEONE in our family that needs help in this area. I think it is wonderful to include humor in the process.


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