Friday, January 02, 2009

Gourmet Christmas-Coloured Popcorn!

Before Christmas, I was intrigued by those red & green popcorn kernel trees often found with Christmas gifty stuff, and, lo and behold, I my friend Karen sent me one in her Xmas care package! I promised I'd post pictures of it so she could see what it looked like popped.

Here are the kernels in my new microwave popcorn maker (left), which I purchased especially to pop this popcorn.

And here (right) is the popcorn, popped. As you can see, the colour remained.

It temporarily coloured my tongue a funny colour, but I'm all right with that! I topped the popcorn with butter and a spoonful of engevita yeast.

Thank you, Karen!


Captain Karen said...

I'm so glad they didn't disappoint although I was kind of expecting them to to be completely red/green when popped. At least it was edible :) Whew! Glad that you enjoyed it!

Joanna said...

that popcorn is too cool for school!!! i love anything that changes my tongue a weird color.


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