Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lemon Juice Shortage: The Proof!

OK, so I've previously blogged about the lack of lemon juice in my local grocery stores (here and here) and the exorbitant cost of lemons that look like they've seen way better days. Last week, at a big box store, I gathered the courage to take photographs of the shortage (while I am comfortable photographing my food in a restaurant, it seems a little weirder to take pictures of stuff in grocery stores...).

Here is a picture of the abundance of lime juice available, and the empty spot on the right where the lemon juice should be.

Here is a picture taken in the produce section of this particular grocery store. As you can see (sort of) lemons go for 98 cents each, unless you buy them in twos, in which case you get them for 88 cents each. Call me crazy, but this is akin to highway robbery if you ask me! On the plus side, however, these lemons look to be in better shape than I've seen anywhere else. I still didn't buy any, though.

So there you have it.


Helene said...

Still no shortage around here. I wonder why.

Emily Rose said...

what a shame!! haha I can imagine you sneaking these pictures as you shop!

Meg said...

Shortages are not fun! Hope it ends soon!


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