Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ham & Pea Soup, Rather Unlike Mom's

After Canadian Thanksgiving was over with on the 13th, I inherited a ham bone from the dinner. I was very excited about this because it meant that I could attempt to make my mom's ham & pea soup, which I grew up on and which I totally loved. We all did! If she didn't have a ham bone, she used a smoked pork hock that worked just as well. The last time I had this soup was during a visit a year ago, and just the smell of it cooking brought back such great memories. My mom's cooking often does that, actually. Her spaghetti sauce smells has exactly the same effect on me!

The ingredients for the soup are simple:

ham bone (or hock)
split peas
bay leaves
salt & pepper

The method is also simple:

Chop veggies in food processor. Throw everything in slow cooker and cover with water. Cook on high for 8 hours. At the end of the 8 hours, take out the bone and remove the meat. Return the meat to the pot and serve.

I was sooooooo pumped about this! It smelled amazing as it bubbled all day and I couldn't wait to try it.

Alas...It tasted nothing like Mom's. In fact, it looked nothing like Mom's either - both in terms of colour and consistency. My disappointment was as serious as a heart attack.

Perhaps I should have adjusted my expectations. After all, although my mom had showed me how to make this and I swear I did everything she did, she didn't actually make the soup, so it was missing that je ne sais quois, that secret something that moms use in their cooking that just can't be replicated no matter how specific the recipe.

None of this is to say that the soup was inedible - it was OK, and it got better after a few days in the fridge. I was just expecting something else. I was expecting mom's soup. What I got was the Wandering Coyote version of her mom's soup.

Oh well. It provided me with several meals and I gave some to my brother, too, who really appreciated it.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

It looked good to me. I made some split pea soup with pork the other night and I used French Onion soup, without the onion and cheese topping, as the broth and it kicked ass taste wise. The peas and the pork and the French onion all melded together in one great taste explosion. I'll do a post n it next time I cook it.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That soup must taste wonderful! The kind of comforting food I love to eat when it's cold outside...



Helene said...

I have been trying for years to recreate mom's vegetable soup. Does not work. I guess they have that special touch.

lemon_tart said...

Hi Coyote, I'm not sure what happened to that post... however, it's back. Stupid blogger.

And your soup looks delish. I love comforting soups...

Judith said...

The soup looks wonderful. I usually add to the chopped veggies a stalk or 2 of celery. Also to the liquid 2 chicken Oxo cubes.Thyme and parsley are also good in the soup.Judith

Wandering Coyote said...

Mom: I hate celery so I never add it to anything. I didn't know about the Oxo but will remember that for the next time.


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