Thursday, March 05, 2009

Fracking Economy!

My wedding cake gig this summer has been cancelled. The groom just called me to say he's been laid off and his fiancee's hours at her job have be halved. They have had to cancel both my dessert and cake contribution and the actual caterer as well. Instead, they are going uber-cheap, and as he's related to the owners of the LOGS (local overpriced grocery store), he's going to get a deal on food through them.

I am super bummed about this. I'm super bummed for my friend who's having to revamp his special day, too.

This economic meltdown thingy is suddenly hitting very close to home.


Sara said...

That's really too bad, it's amazing how the bad economy can affect so many aspects of life.

Helene said...

Oh no, I feel your pain. Especially if you were excited to do this event. Hope they get a job and can hire you back. Homemade is way better than storebought cake.


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