Friday, November 07, 2008

Lunch at the Sunshine Cafe

Today my SIL and I had lunch at the new local hot spot, the Sunshine Cafe, which I reviewed originally here.

Today's special was a curried chicken ciabatta, and both of us had that, me with salad (the salad special on the board said "Greek pasta" but when my meal came, my salad was sans pasta. When I asked the server, she admitted she'd written the wrong thing on the board, and that the salad special was a plain Greek salad. I hate Greek salad, so the owner said she'd replace my side for me and I had a nice tossed salad instead) and Shan with fries. The Sunshine does great fries.

The curried chicken ciabattas were very tasty! Not spicy at all, but nice and creamy with a good curry flavour. Served with sprouts and some veggies on really nice ciabatta buns, they were a great lunch item that has given me some inspiration for another installment of my 101 Uses for a Roasted Chicken series.

Once again, the Sunshine delivers!


Joanna said...

I love the name Sunshine Cafe. You just know the food is gonna be fun and good.

I'm not a fan of greek salad either. Before veganism, I couldn't stand to eat feta cheese, and I still can't haha

Meg said...

Yum! What a fantastic lunch!

Glad you are enjoying the LaraBars!


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