Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Morning Glories

I started a new position a couple of weeks ago. It's at a senior facility that not only provides one square a day for the residents, but also produces all the baking for the coffee bar at the hospital. Yesterday during my shift I made Morning Glory muffins in quite a large quantity. We served them at the coffee shop I just stopped working at, and after a brief look on the net today, there seems to be many different version of this treat. Yesterday's baking inspired me to get a recipe for a smaller quantity and make some for myself.

I found a great recipe on the Canadian Living web site, which you can see here.

They turned out great, though I found the recipe didn't have enough liquid in it to incorporate all the dry ingredients. So, I added a full cup of the yogurt and enough milk to make a decent batter. I got 12 medium sized muffins. They're fairly low in fat and don't have tons of sugar in them. I wasn't keen on the pepitas (hulled pumpkin seeds), though; they weren't as crunchy as a nice nut would have been. But, that's a minor adjustment.

Definitely a keeper recipe.

One day, I'll take some pictures of my work stuff, but since I'm so new there I don't want anyone to think I'm weird or anything!


Meg said...

What a wonderful muffin. I bet adding more liquid and the yogurt made them SO moist. Wish I had one with my coffee!

Captain Karen said...

Mmm, those do sound delicious. I might have to bake some muffins soon now that the weather is changing.

And what's this? A new work place? Congratulations!

Emily Rose said...

yum! these look like a great breakfast muffin- hearty and healthy!

Joanna said...

i am definitely the biggest muffin addict of all time. i admit it haha. these look nice and pumpkin. maybe try some regular pumpkin seeds or slivered almonds in them?

Wandering Coyote said...

Meg: yep, they were definitely really, really moist!

Captain: job...long story...

Emily: very hearty, healthy & breakfast-worthy.

Joann: yeah, I get that you're a muffin addict from your blog content! I adore a decent muffin, too. These would probably be very veganizable, too. I'm definitely going with nuts next time; maybe some pecans or hazelnuts.

Judith said...

I made these muffins many times when you were growing up but you wouldn't touch them because they had carrots in!Glad to hear you have changed your mind.Judith


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