Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chocolate Bread & French Toast

So, I've been 24 hours without the internet due to an outage in my area. Thank God things just came back on line a short time ago, because I was about to go crazy.

A little while back, I came across a post by Peabody that had a seriously yummy chocolate bread recipe in it, and she used the bread to make a Rocky Road bread pudding. It looked amazing. Despite being down with a bug, I made the bread yesterday. Called Guatemalan Hot Chocolate Bread, you can read the post and find the recipe here.

My bread dough didn't turn out great; there seemed to not be enough liquid so I had to add more. But in the end, I wound up with a decent loaf that smelled pretty amazing. Taste-wise, it's not a sweet bread at all (at least mine wasn't) but it had a very rich flavour.

I was then stuck with the decision about what to do with the chocolate bread. I could have made a bread pudding, and I even got out a basic recipe I've been carting around for a while to try, but I'm low on eggs and payday isn't until next week. So, I decided to take a page from Emily Rose's book (or blog) and make French Toast.

It was decadent, made even more so by that magic ingredient that makes just about anything sublime - bacon. And of course tons of real maple syrup never hurt either.

As for the rest of the loaf, I think I'll freeze it and turn it into a bread pudding another time.


Meg said...

Chocolate bread sounds amazing! Great idea to make French toast with it. Looks delicious. Hope you are feeling better!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Oh, yummy! I've never made chocolate bread, but I'm sure it tastes heavenly! Those French Toasts must be wickedly scrumptious!



Emily Rose said...

yay for french toast! You can make the worst bread in the world taste good by making it into french toast- so you know you can make a delicious bread even more delicious by doing so!!

Peabody said...

French toast is what I almost made with it as well.
Wasn't the smell while it was baking so yummy?


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