Sunday, April 01, 2012

Lunch at Big Ridge Brewing Co.

Yesterday I got together with my brother and SIL for an afternoon of shopping and a late lunch. My SIL was craving a burger and my brother and I were fine with that, but we couldn't agree on where to go. We were at Guildford Centre so there was lots to choose from. I was all for White Spot, but they both shot that down. My brother wanted to go to Red Robin but my SIL wasn't into that. I was at a loss, so I called my roommate and asked her what she recommended. Then my SIL remembered a pub she'd eaten at located near the head office of the company she works for.

Located in south Surrey, Big Ridge Brewing Co. was the choice. Though it sported many large screen TVs showing various sporting events, I didn't feel I was in a sports bar because the dining room was very nicely decorated and was actually quite a serene space.

The menu was huge, both physically and content-wise. There was a lot of typical pub fare on there, but there was also a lot of different stuff available, most notably a large Asian section of the menu that looked really tasty. It was a tough choice for sure. Both my brother & SIL went with the burger, accompanied by fries. I wanted something lighter so I went with the grilled prawn clubhouse with a side salad. My SIL ordered onion rings as a starter.

I have to say, I'm not an onion ring connoisseur at all - I like them but I'm not ga-ga for them - but these were quite fabulous and you could tell that they were made with a homemade batter (beer, I believe) that was very light.

My brother and SIL liked the burgers a lot and I liked how they were presented with the fries in a separate cup. It reminded me of the Lunchbox Laboratory.

As for my grilled prawn club, it was good. There was an avocado mixture in it I really liked. I just think it could have used a few more prawns for the price ($13.99). But the salad was interesting, actually. It looked fairly simple, red leaf lettuce, finely diced tomatoes, a tangy vinaigrette, but the salad was studded with little green bits that looked suspiciously like capers. I hate capers. But these had been deep fried, I think, and they were great! They were little tiny bits of crispy saltiness. I loved them and I had never seen anything like that before, so I was kind of impressed with that small detail.

Would I go back? Sure, the menu was intriguing and the service was excellent.

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