Saturday, August 22, 2009

Your Favourite Food Questions

I saw this over at my friend Cal's place and thought I'd take it up, as it's a relevant subject to a food blog!

What food makes you sick? Well, sick as in makes me want to puke: Fresh peas. But I'll eat split pea soup - different peas, you see. Steak & kidney pie is also rather vomit-inducing, as is any organ meat really. My dad gets a steak & kid pie for his birthday each year and it smells like ass and the odour makes me want to gag.

What is a food habit that you can't stand? WTF is up with people who put ketchup on every freakin' thing? It's disgusting! And rarely do they taste the food first to see if it even requires ketchup (and the lists of food upon which ketchup is acceptable, IMO, is small). Also, I was raised in a pretty traditional British household and we were not allowed, under pain of a smack, to crush crackers into our soup. And we never did. And I to this day I still DO NOT GET IT! Why would you do that to your soup? It really revolts me!

What food habit did your sister/brother used to have growing up that you couldn't stand? My brother Rob was an onion hater & it was almost a phobia. He had to pick everything apart to inspect it for traces of onion. My mom pureed onions and put it into stuff and he'd still pick it apart! Once, she told him there was no onion in a spaghetti sauce but that it had a lot of oregano in it, and he sat there picking the oregano out.

What food cracks you up? Count Chocula. The name says it all.

What vegetable couldn't you live without? Onions.

Food gadgets you remember as a child? One of those woks you had to place on a metal ring on your stove's element. Things have come a long way, baby.

Food that was hidden, then discovered on the top shelf of your room? None. Never had food in my room. Even now - no food comes into my bedroom.

Without mentioning robots, how do you think cooking in the future will be better? God only knows. I'm pretty happy to have a George Foreman grill.

What is an annoying thing that bothers you about men and food? This question makes me have to generalize and I hate doing that.

Food you once projectile vomited after being wasted? Ummmm...I've never projectile vomitted after being wasted. But when I put my back out in Feb. 2004, necessitating Percocet, which I am allergic to because it's related to opiates but the pharmasist assured me I'd be OK, I ate a frozen pizza because I was so housebound and the reaction was...well, projectile. Yeah. I couldn't eat pizza of any kind for a long time after that.

What would be your last meal? Tough question. Really tough question. Sushi? Chinese food? Pizza & chocolate ice cream? Bacon-wrapped filet mignon? I just don't know!

OK, my question:

What is your funniest family food memory? My brother Rob, the onionphobic, was once assigned by Dad the chore of squirting weed killer on our lawn's dandelions and other weeds. He was about 12 at the time. He did the dandelions and whatever else, and then decided to take his pent up anger out against our rhubarb plant by dousing it with weed killer. He is the only rhubarb hater in the family and I think he was very resentful that my mom made so many killer crumbles etc. with this plant that he saw an opportunity to get rid of it and went a little crazy. It was a massacre. It was ugly. My mom was furious, my dad was furious, I was furious, and Jem was indifferent as he was 8 years old. The rhubarb plant died a horrid death that year, but luckily we were not SOL because our neighbour had a huge plant, too, so we just used that (she didn't mind & we shared the baking with her sometimes). BUT - our rhubarb plant came back the next year! It lived! In fact, it flourished! And...we harvested it. And I wonder if I'll get cancer because of that. Damn you, Rob!


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I think you love onions just to get back at your brother each time you use them.

Favorite family food memory...that is an easy one. In early november of one year my parents starting talking about having people over for a big Christmas party. They were making up a list of things and then my mother went into the kitchen. We assumed this was to check recipe books. But no..she made about 100 egg salad and tuna sandwiches and when we asked her what she was doing she said she was gonna freeze them for the party. After we laughed till we peed our pants we ate nothing but egg salad and tuna sandwiches for two days.

Pierce said...

That's a cool post...thought provoking in a very fun way. I couldn't live without garlic but onions are right up there. Sorry for your bro. My brother on the other hand would eat anything. Even mud.

Coleen's Recipes said...

"smells like ass"? You are too funny. I enjoyed todays post very much. When we were children,parents decided to be part time farmers (as in they had some chickens and 2 pigs). The pigs had piglets which, of course my siblings and I played with. Eventually, the pigs were butchered. I still remember sitting at the dinner table when my little sister asked "is this Porky or Penny" needless to say none of the pork was eaten (they gave it away) and we didn't raise pigs again.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Great to know more about you! I cannot live without garlic and onions...



Donna-FFW said...

What fun questions and even more interesting answers. Enjoyed the read!

Captain Karen said...

I love it! I too come from an English family (on both sides) - my father's family never crumbled crackers although I remember my Nana dipping bread or toast into her tomato soup. For me, the only soup I would ever consider crushing a cracker into is cream of tomato. Anything else? People are insanse!

As for your brother's rhubarb-icide? Too funny! And not really surprising that it came back. It is the plant that will not die.

I can't live without tomatoes. Or onions. Or garlic.

Palidor said...

LOL, your brother sounds like a real food-hater! How could he not like rhubarb and onions?

Agree with you about ketchup people. I'm like that about people who put soy sauce on steamed rice. That is sooooo NOT how you eat steamed rice. Also agree with you about crackers in soup. Last meal - go for the sushi. :)

Great post! It made me laugh and that's a great way to start my Sunday morning.

Elra said...

It's wonderful to read and know a little more about you, I think your brother is funny. I don't recall any food that make me sick though. Actually, if I know that it will make me sick, I just don't eat it.

Bob said...

I'm with you on organ meat, I'm not a fan. Not a fan indeed. Great answers. :)

A Year on the Grill said...

"What is an annoying thing that bothers you about men and food? "

guys that over spice their food isn't annoying??? Horseradish mustard rocks...BAM

nice post

Wandering Coyote said...

Dave, trust me, that is NOT annoying - you never ate the food my Wasband made!

girlichef said...

OMG...that is hilarious! I don't get the ketchup thing or the cracker thing either.


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