Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Heat is Still On...

The heat is still on and I haven't been doing any cooking or baking, though I have put some chicken stock on in my crock pot for a meal tomorrow. The heat wave is supposed to break tomorrow, though it is about 7C cooler today than it has been for over a week. These oven-like temperatures have seriously impinged upon my favourite creative outlets, and this blog!

Today I had a special treat: one of my bestest friends ever and her sister came through town and we were able to have a really nice visit and lunch together. I haven't seen this friend in two years, though we are in touch over the phone & email. It was great to see her! I recommended the Sunshine Cafe for lunch, since they are so reliable and decently priced.

As usual, I had the clubhouse with fries - excellent as always!
My friend had a chicken burger, but dug in before I could get a photo; she ordered it with the salad of the day, which was spinach with bacon & sauteed mushrooms with blue cheese dressing. She was really happy with it. My friend's sister opted for an all-day breakfast item: omlette with chorizo and some other stuff, served with toast & homemade hashbrowns. She was also happy. So, more Sunshine Cafe converts...if only they lived closer!
Hopefully, regular posting will resume shortly.


Captain Karen said...

Your pics of the food there always look fantastic. That clubhouse is divine. And those hashbrowns? THey certainly didn't come out of a sir! YUMMY! Glad you had a nice visit with your friends.

Finsmom said...

Looks yummy to me!

Donna-FFW said...

Nothing like playing catch up over a yummy meal. Glad you enjoyed yourself!

Tia said...

where's sunshine cafe?
the heat the past 2 days has been bearable here in coquitlam. whew!


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