Sunday, July 19, 2009

Magazine Monday #43: Sour Cream Ice Cream

One of the best things about having a heat wave is that I can eat ice cream with less guilt. Currently, I have two ice creams chilling in my freezer: Island Farms Black Forest Cake (amazing, like all Island Farms ice creams are) and this homemade sour cream ice cream I made the other day, after the recipe for it caught my eye in the July issue of Gourmet.

The recipe is here.

I love sour cream. It's one of these things I could eat by the spoonful right from the container, but don't because that's not socially acceptable. Mexican food, for me, is a really good excuse to eat sour cream. Same with perogies.

So, how could I possibly go wrong with sour cream ice cream? Lightly sweetened, frozen sour cream that I can eat a bowl-full without any social repercussions or feelings of weirdness.

This is so delicious I can't even describe it - it's just too good for words. And it's really simple to make, providing you have an ice cream maker, which I do.

Just whiz everything in a blender, add to your ice cream maker, then let that miraculous machine work it's magic, and voila!
I used light sour cream, the 7% fat one, instead of full fat, and got a really good result.

To make mine a little more interesting, I added some chopped fresh cherries I had kicking around. Um, not my best idea ever. The cherries just froze and when I ate a spoonful of the ice cream, it was just like having chunks of frozen fruit to chew on, and this also affects the flavour of the cherries. So, I won't do that again.
Chocolate sauce was a nice addition, though, and I think the next time I make this ice cream, I'll add cocoa powder to it because chocolate & sour cream are really amazing together.


girlichef said...

Sour Cream ice cream is sounding awesome! I bet the tang with the creaminess is just amazing...good idea w/ the cherries...wonder what you'd do to really make it "work"??

Cathy said...

I like sour cream in things (ie. cake, dips, etc), but cannot stand it on its own for some reason. I would definitely try this.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That looks delicious! i love sour tasting desserts... This week I made a sorbet with yogurt and sour cream.



Captain Karen said...

Mmmm ice cream. How yummy. An ice cream maker, huh? I'll have to check one out. I love the idea of being able to control the ingredients and coming up with my own flavours :)

Captain Karen said...

PS: love the new header and look of both blogs!

Reeni♥ said...

I love sour cream - never heard of sour cream ice cream! I bet it's delicious!

Bunny said...

Oh my goodness! The kids just ate all the ice cream I made the other day, time for another batch!! Mikey wanted vanilla so I think I'll make this, sounds wonderful!

Elra said...

Sour cream ice cream? I like the sound of it. I am sure it tastes delicious.

Megan said...

It's been triple digit heat heat here and I'm so ready to make some ice cream. Chocolate sour cream sound heavenly!

creampuff said...

Oh I'm a total sour cream addict like you! I love the stuff. This ice cream is gorgeous!


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