Saturday, July 11, 2009

Camping Grub, Part 2

I am getting pretty adept at making Eggs Benny in a variety of situations, particularly camping situations. Sure, you might not always get poached eggs while cooking on a camp stove, but in that scenario fried or basted eggs are just as good.

Last weekend was a very luxurious camping environment, since my brother & SIL rented a motorhome that came equipped with a small gas stove AND a toaster oven AND a microwave. Yes, a TOASTER OVEN and a MICROWAVE! This made for some pretty gourmet camping grub cooked in a relatively fancy environment.

Poaching eggs and making the Hollandaise was no problem. Shan even made some hashbrowns with left over potates from the steak dinner the night before.
The result: restaurant-worthy Eggs Benny! Everyone was very happy and it was one wicked camping breakfast!
Nice plates, eh?

For Sunday dinner, my dad brought out a buffalo roast and stuck it in his slow cooker with some broth and seasonings. Yes, when you have a motor home at your disposal, you can do slap-up meals, let me tell you! Though there was a bit of an issue due to the awkward placement of electical outlets vis a vis the length of the slow cooker's cord, it was all sorted out & we had a great meal of beef dips with roasted potatoes and salad. I totally forgot to take pictures of it; sorry about that. But we did top it all off with the Black Forest Pie, which, as previously mentioned, was a huge hit.

That pretty much sums up the camping grub story from last week. One more meal to report on, and that was breakfast at a cafe in Nelson, but that a post for another time.


Mam said...

My aunt had a fully equipped motor home which she parked in a full service camp ground. She still lamented that she was roughing it, as she only had a black and white television, not a colour one.
Sounds like you trip was a good time.

Cathy said...

Eggs benny is by far my favourite breakfast. I order it whenever we go out - and if I can find it with smoked salmon or crab I'm ecstatic! Good job on the camping benny ;) Looks delicious.

Coleen's Recipes said...

There is something about "camping" that really rev's up the appetite. Maybe it is because while your "camping" calories don't count? I THINK that is how it goes. Your breakfast looks fabulous!!

girlichef said...

Um, holy cow...that's camping grub!? I want to go camping with you next time :D

Anonymous said...

That's some fine lookin' grub. Next time, I'm camping with appliances. 8)

Reeni♥ said...

What fancy and delicious camping eats! Looks better than what I eat at home!


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