Monday, July 20, 2009

Garden Bounty 2009: Dill

My dill is doing very well this year. Last year, it did quite poorly; I got two plants, one small and one big, and both got infested with tiny, dill-coloured insects I couldn't be bothered to ID properly. This year, I have a nice row of lush-looking dill, and so far, no bugs. But time will tell with these things, as it usually does.

So, I harevested some dill last night and decided to make some BBQ shrimp with it. I always keep frozen, zipperback shrimp on hand because they are so convenient and quick. I marinated the shrimp in lemon juice, garlic, and the fresh dill. I put the shrimp on skeweres - wooden ones, after soaking them - and BBQed them. I served my meal with green beans and rice, something I'm doing a lot these days. It was delish!


Helene said...

Love dill, nice when it's fresh from your garden. What a beautiful dish!

Elra said...

Wonderful! Dill is one of my favorite herb.

Coleen's Recipes said...

I love the smell of fresh dill. It always reminds me of my Aunt making pickles (when we visited them in North Dakota). My herbs are growing me out of house and home too.

girlichef said...

That shrimp looks delicious :) Love dill!

Reeni♥ said...

Nice plants! Dill and shrimp sound wonderful together!


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