Saturday, September 06, 2008

Dove Chocolate Review

I was pleased recently to discover that there are some blogs out there devoted to chocolate. One of my favourites is Choklit, in which Amanda reviews all kinds of chocolate bars. Another one is Jim's Chocolate Mission. I was totally excited to find blogs whose contents specifically revolve around chocolate because, in case you didn't know, I'm a total chocoholic. To unabashedly steal an idea, I have decided to do a chocolate review of my own.

This past winter, I saw a new product on the shelves around here: Dove chocolate. I didn't quite know what to think when I saw it because I always associate the brand name Dove with soaps and other toiletries. Turns out this is ridiculous, although that was the natural connection my brain made at the time. The Dovebar has, according to this page on their web site, been around for quite some time, and Dove's parent company happens to be Mars - Mars of Mars Bar fame.

I only got around to buying my first Dove bar just over a month ago; the cost was a little high, but one day I decided to splurge.

Man...the instant I bit into it, I couldn't believe I didn't try this earlier! It was heavenly. It was the Dusk bar, which is milk chocolate with a hint of dark, and I suddenly felt as if all the cares in the world were far and distant from my mind. The flavour was smooth, and more milky than my favourite milk chocolate bar, Cadbury's Dairy Milk. But it was the texture that got me: this was almost like eating truffle filling - ganache. The chocolate was so incredibly silky on my tongue I almost felt I'd melt along with it.

Since this, I've had the 71% dark, and though the mouthfeel was still satiny, I didn't think it was as flavourful as the dusk bar. I've also had the regular dark chocolate bar, and it sent shivers up my spine the same way the Dusk did.

So, now Dove goes to the top of my favourites list, along with the Dairy Milk, and Green & Black's dark chocolate with mint filling. Unfortunately, Dove isn't available everywhere around here; I've only seen it at Shoppers Drug Mart and Wally World. Hopefully it'll catch on other places, too!


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Oh how I miss choclate in that form.

Wandering Coyote said...

You can't have a bar of chocolate???

Gloria Chadwick said...

My foodie friend, Teresa, has a chocolate blog at She features Mexican chocolate and it's a delicious blog.

Gloria Chadwick said...

Oops. Still not awake yet. The www shouldn't be in there. Maybe I need some chocolate in my coffee. :)

Wandering Coyote said...

Thanks for the heads up, Gloria! I'll check it out for sure.

Cakespy said...

You know, I do like Dove chocolate. I haven't had it in the longest time--I think I've got to hit up the store and try this Dusk one! Yum.


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