Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pizza Pretzels - Again

In September, I made absolutely wonderful pizza pretzels, and since I had some leftover pizza sauce and mozzarella hanging out in my fridge recently, I decided to use them up by making another batch of pretzels. They were amazing! Recipe here.

After kneading and shaping and allowing the shaped pretzels to rise a bit, I boiled them in a large pot with some baking soda. I let them drain and cool slightly on wire racks before adding the toppings.

A simple slather of pizza sauce and some grated mozzarella cheese are all that's necessary...

Can we say "YUM-O!"? Into the freezer they go so I can pull one out whenever I get a craving for pizza or when I need a snack or quick lunch!


Shar said...

Thanks for the great posts. Yummy! This one I will be trying out with my granddaughter (9) next week!

Helene said...

Never hear of pizza pretzels, but looks yummy!

Captain Karen said...

I sooooooooooo want some of these. One of these days i'll make some :)


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