Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Lunch at Leo's Taverna

Pizza and fries: two of my favourite foods. Add ice cream into the mix and you have my ultimate trio of comfort food.

On Friday, I went to Nelson with my dad to do some grocery shopping at Save-On and to attend the Kootenay Artisans' Christmas Craft Fair. For lunch, we opted for a tried and true spot we hadn't been to in a while, Leo's Taverna (409 Kootenay St.). They serve Greek and Italian dishes - souvlaki, calamari, pizza, pastas. It's good food and it's very reasonably priced for the lunch menu.

I was in the mood for something totally junky, and although the pizzas looked really tempting, I saw that they had a pizza sub that was served with fries and Caesar salad. How could I go wrong with this combo? My dad opted for a chicken shishkabob that was served with rice and a huge Greek salad.

The service was slow despite there being not very many people in the dining room. But when the food came we were not disappointed. Dad loved his meal, and mine totally hit the spot. The sub was a tad cold in the middle, but it was still good nevertheless. The Caesar was a bit bland, however, and was the weakest link in the meal. For $8.95, however, it was still a good deal. My dad's shishkabob was about the same price. The two of us ate for about $20. I almost had dessert, but I was really full!

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Milla said...

You can always trust the Italians to lift your colesterol levels, ah?


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