Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

What a day! Looking back, it was quite a blur, but, of course, filled with great food from start to stop!

To begin with, the traditional Eggs Benny, made by moi with homemade English muffins, and double-smoked bacon that my dad got from a local butcher. Of course, we consumed this after digging into some goodies left over from the night before, which is the best part of Christmas for me.

Then came the big meal - dinner at my SIL's parents' place with about 20 people in attendance. This is always an enormous spread and always fabulicious, including turkey (this year they cooked two), ham, someone's famous stuffing, and all the other fixings you could imagine.

The turkeys were free range and purchased at a turkey farm in Keremeos, and it was totally succulent. The ham was also wonderful, and I'm hoping to get the bone out of it after it's been stripped of all its meat. In the end, however, we only consumed one of the turkeys, so someone is going to have a lot of leftovers for a long time.

My SIL's mom made mashed potatoes (not my favourite thing at all) and a yam & apple dish that I also didn't partake in (not a fan of yams, either), but my SIL did borrow my Brussels sprouts recipe from Solstice and made it using prosciutto instead. It was a big hit and turned out wonderfully. We also had a huge salad, buns, loads of gravy, and green beans. Everyone was so stuffed!

For dessert, my SIL's aunt brought a homemade plum pudding that she served with what she called "hard sauce". I would describe this as icing, really, and had never heard of the term "hard sauce" before. She even poured brandy over it and lit it up, covering the pudding in blue flame. I couldn't get a picture off before it went out, though! Ah well. I don't care for plum pudding, but there were other options. A couple of us brought tins of our own home baking, and so there were plenty of cookies and squares to munch on instead of plum pudding.

And of course, there was lots to drink, lots of booze, and lots of great fellowship!

I hope eveyone had a similarly wonderful day!


Helene said...

Everything looks so yummy! I wish you the best Holiday Season!

Border Life said...

Ah, redeemed from that kidney post! This all looks so delicious!

Meg said...

What a delicious Christmas!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What fantastic food! Yummy!

Cheers and best wishes for the New Year,


tshsmom said...

Z and I need to make some "Benny". It's been awhile.
Nice job on the pictures!

Joanna said...

looks like you had a delicious feast for christmas!!!

i am a huge dessert person!! i didn't eat any christmas dinner haha i just waited for the desserts to come out.


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