Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Peruvian Roast Chicken

Long have I been a reader of Future Grown-Up's blog, Growing Up (And Having Fun) After 40. She makes a ton of delicious stuff - well, everything she makes looks delicious - and long have I been threatening to make some of her recipes. Alas, I haven't gotten around to keeping to that goal, until now. The other day, FG-U posted a recipe for Peruvian Roast Chicken with Garlic & Lime that so excited me I immediately went over to my freezer and took out my very last roast chicken from my last cross border shopping expedition. I was also excited because my herb AeroGarden is producing mint like crazy, and I had tons of fresh mint I didn't have to buy to use in this dish; everything else I had on hand. And so, last night, I made the chicken.

PHENOMENAL! Abso-freaking-lutely fan-frakking-tastic! This is one of the tastiest roast chickens I've ever made, if not the most tasty roast chicken I've ever made.

There recipe is here.

Making the paste was a beautiful thing, the colours, the scents...

And here is the end result:

The only thing I would change next time - and there will be a next time - is to perhaps halve the salt; I found the 2tbsp to be a bit too much.

Other than that - perfection!

Thanks FG-U!


Pierce said...

Really? You know we are connected because that was my Magazine Monday post!! We made the same thing!!

Future Grown-Up said...

Aw, I'm blushing...thanks for the compliment about my blog. Your chicken looks spectacular!


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