Sunday, March 06, 2011

Magazine Monday #76: Egg & Shrimp Sandwiches

My AeroGarden containing the herb mixture is doing great, I am happy to report, especially the dill. In fact, I have so much dill I'm not sure what to do with it all. I might start drying it for a rainy day. Tonight I am planning a dilly pasta for dinner, and now I am obsessed with finding recipes with dill... Dill bread? Dill biscuits? Dill cookies??? There is so much dill I don't know what to do!

So, in an effort to use a teeny bit of what I have on hand, I decided to make this sandwich today for my lunch. This is the Open Faced Shrimp & Egg Sandwich, made on a toasted bagel, from the June 2010 issue of Canadian Living Magazine. The recipe is here.

Very easy, very tasty. And it hit the spot. You can't beat fresh dill - unless you have too much of it and it beats you!


Pierce said...

Dill....I need to look at thr recipes I have squirreled away and I'll send you some, if I find any.
That aero gardening is so cool.

Your sammies look good and I could sure use those for a change of pace for lunch.

DEZMOND said...

dill cookies? That doesn't sound tasty :)

Try making dill sauce - fry three spoons of flour on some butter, than pour in 2dcl of milk, season with salt and pepper, add a few table spoons of sour cream and add lots of chopped dill. Cook for another minute or two. You may add garlic as well.

DEZMOND said...

PS you can also make an unusual but refreshing cucumber soup.
Fry two or three diced cucumbers on some butter, mix in two table spoons of flour and then pour in two cups of butter milk. Season with lots of dill, put in some salt, pepper, celery leaves ... and cook for about ten minutes. This goes well with fish.

Wandering Coyote said...

Pierce: thanks! And this is a great change from the usual lunch!

Dezzy: Oh, I can make a dill sauce for sure, but I'm not a fan of putting sauces on things since I'm trying to lose weight! I do have some ideas, though, for some breads and stuff, and I am looking into getting a food dehydrator so I can dry my own herbs & store them throughout the year.

As for cucumber soup...thanks for the idea but, EW! I'm not a fan of cucumbers at all.


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