Thursday, March 20, 2008

Memory Lane: Cadbury's Edition

Recently, my super cool fellow foodblogger, Cakespy, posted an interview she did with a Cadbury's Creme Egg. This inspired me to dig around through my old photos in search of some pictures I took nearly 11 years ago on a visit to Cadbury's World. In celebration of Easter, here are those photos, freshly scanned with my new scanner!

The first photo is of one of the several Cadbury's Creme Egg cars near the entrance to Cadbury's World. Yes, this is a car. With a steering wheel and the whole nine yards.

The second photo is of me with my cousin, posing in front of a Cadbury's Creme Egg car. We have just come from the store, where I bought quite a bit of chocolate that day. And, on our tour through the facility, we got quite a bit of free stuff, too - and I'm not talking about those Halloween-sized chocolate bars, either! I'm talking regular-sized chocolate bars at pretty much every turn!

The third photo is of my cousin in front of a Cadbury's Mini Egg car. It is also a mini car in comparison with the Creme Egg car. Very cool indeed. It was such a fun day, too.

I haven't had any Creme Eggs yet this season, but I'm hopeful either the Easter Bunny will humour me, or that Shoppers Drug Mart, my new favourite place to buy cheap chocolates, will have a whole bunch on sale after Easter is over, because I do love a Creme Egg (or fifty).

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Cakespy said...

Do you know the timeless hit by Belinda Carlisle..."Ooh heaven is a place on earth"!?!? Well, case and point...right here. Thank you so much for posting these--how fun!


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