Saturday, April 09, 2011

Magazine Monday #78: Sweet & Salty Cookies

Sometimes I just see stuff in a magazine and I HAVE to make it, no matter what. This recipe from the most recent issue of Canadian Living was one of those recipes.

OMG, this is now my new favourite cookie! It called for candy covered chocolate pieces, and I though that the Easter-coloured M&Ms would be perfect. They were. I used crushed up pretzel twists.

Awesomesauce and a half!


DEZMOND said...

potato chips, salty pretzels and salt together with brown sugar and chocolate in the same recipe? Quite peculiar :)

Wandering Coyote said...

You only need one of the salty things, not all three - unless you really like salt, that is. I just used the pretzels. This was an awesome cookie - totally awesome! :)

Alphamutt said...

Okay, gotta give these cookies a whirl.

Future Grown-Up said...

Want cookies now!

Love the sweet and salty combo. Yummy.

Pierce said...

Oh I would be all over those! Pretzels are a treat for me....combined with cookies..mmmmm


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