Friday, April 22, 2011

101 Uses for a Roast Chicken #25: Pesto, Chicken, Goat's Cheese, and Onion Pizza

I've been on a pizza kick these days - probably due to hormones. I was very grateful today for a load of fresh basil from my AeroGarden, with which I made some lovely pesto. I used the crust from the last pizza I made and froze, and some of the leftover roast chicken I had from that pizza, too along with the pesto to make a super delicious pizza. The goat's cheese was a new product from President's Choice, a low fat version of the soft, unripened, famous chèvre. I really like it and can't really tell the difference between it and regular-fat goat's cheese.

I'm really loving my pizza stone for these pizzas; you can't beat it for crusts that are crispy on the outside and nice & tender on the inside.


DEZMOND said...

although I'd never eat it since you know I don't eat anything that walks :) or swims, it does seem very tasty in some charming rustic way! I think I'll make me some pizza tomorrow for lunch :) with smoked vegetable cheese and spring onions!

Pierce said...

You really are on a pizza kick - looks great and I like the goat cheese. My ass is going to be huge if I don't stop induliging myself soon :-)


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