Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Loaf Failure

Something must be in the air in this God-forsaken place! Spring is soooooooo slow in arriving, I'm cranky as hell, and today I had a very frustrating kitchen failure that didn't do anything to help my mood.

I was inspired to make lemon loaf today after seeing my friend Pierce's success with this recipe this morning. I have a thing to go to tomorrow afternoon, and I thought I'd pack a dessert with me, and since lemons were on sale this week at LOGS, I thought a lemon loaf would be perfect. Plus, it's spring-like! And God knows, I need more springlike things in my life right now!

Tina had great success with her loaf. But mine was a disaster. Granted, I didn't use the food processor as directed in the original recipe, but I don't think that's the explanation for this loaf that A) overflowed from the side of the pan during baking (luckily, I baked it on a baking sheet), B) had a texture that was a bizarre mixture of coarse sponginess with a bit of rubber thrown in, C) didn't rise, and D) it seemed like all the butter sunk to the bottom of the loaf during baking because the bottom was full of grease, and E) it wasn't very lemony. Perhaps my lemons were lemons.

BY NO MEANS AM I DISSING TINA'S RECIPE OR TINA! Tina's looks lovely and according to her, tasted great, too. I obviously messed up big time somewhere along the line, I just don't where. Sometimes things just don't work out. Like I said, there is something in the air up here... I will freeze the loaf and use it for trifle down the line somewhere. I certainly am not letting it go to waste.


Karen said...

I got a copy of a Barefoot Contessa Lemon Loaf recipe from a friend after she brought one in to work to share. It uses yoghurt in the recipe and it is divine. Mmmmm. I can send to you if you'd like to try.

Pierce said...

I am so sorry your lemon loaf didn’t turn out. I went over the ingredients again, to be sure I posted it correctly, and that is what you need. Maybe that KitchenAid is what screwed it up because you can’t over mix it. It states to “fold the ingredients together” so …I dunno. But trifle would be good.

DEZMOND said...

it looks quite tasty in the second pic :) As a cake boss I'd use it as a base for a cake by spreading some lovely lemon filling between the layers of your sliced lemon loaf :)

Oh, I wish Karen above would send us yogurt recipe :)

Coleen's Recipes said...

You are brave to post about a kitchen disaster...I totally admire that.

Wandering Coyote said...

@ Karen: please share the recipe for sure!

@ Pierce: I don't think it was the KA, as I mentioned on FB. Trifle will be an excellent use for this, though!

@ Dezzy: it just wasn't worth it financially to do anything more to this cake for me. I was so ticked, too, that I wasn't in the mood to do any improvements on it.

@ Coleen: thanks!


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