Monday, January 31, 2011

"Say Yes to Noh!"

Best motto ever!

It comes from this company, Noh, which makes a whole bunch of Hawaiian mixes, one of which, the Haupia Pudding/Luau Dessert AKA Coconut Pudding, arrived in a nice box from that fair State, along with the macadamia nuts I've been making cookies with, courtesy my friend Jodi. Tonight, needing a sugar fix very badly, I made the pudding mix. It was dead easy, being one of those "just add water" jobbies.

The picture on the package doesn't look much like a pudding, however; the little squares of whiteness look like something much thicker than a pudding, but in the fine print on the package, the word "flan" is used. That's more like it. The pudding, once cooled in the fridge, set up in a very solid, flan-like way. You could cut it into any shape you wanted to.

The verdict: weird! Very weird! Solid, and not creamy the way a flan normally is. I guess that's not surprising given it only required me to add water to it. But it was also quite flavourless, which was disappointing; it tasted bland and watery. I added some chocolate chips to mine just to make it more interesting, but I still couldn't finish it in the end.

Oh well! It was still a bit of a tropical, cultural experience in my Canadian winter surroundings, so that alone was worth it.

Incidentally, the package also says this makes a great topping for cakes, but I wouldn't go there. I also don't think it would be good warm on ice cream, as the package also suggests. Go with Jello pudding instead!


Jodi said...

Hah :) The way they had it at the luau where I got addicted to it, was cut into little squares... which fit right on top of little brownie squares. The combo of the rubbery coconut creaminess and the chewy chocolaty brownie was delicious! Having said that when we got back I did a little research online and apparently you can make your own haupia with canned coconut milk, sugar and cornstarch. That might be a little more flavorful than the dry mix.

Future Grown-Up said...

Well, maybe it's for the best that it didn't turn out...mix and go desserts can be dangerously addictive and way to readily available if they're good!

DEZMOND said...

maybe you could make it with milk next time and put more sugar and some coconut too :)


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