Monday, May 31, 2010

Local Grocery Shopping on a Budget

If you are interested, here is my latest column in The Rossland Telegraph, where I kind of give LOGS a hard time! Let the controversy begin!


Shar said...

Excellent article! Kudos for speaking your mind! Even though I live in Surrey, I have to agree that prices have gotten way out of whack for the average wage earner. Those of us retired or on a limited income are worse off than ever! Yes we have a variety here, but it is hunt and peck to find the bargains. Keep up the good work, love reading your articles.

A Year on the Grill said...

An additional "sin" of grocery stores are their coupon and sale foods...

High fat, high calorie, processed prepackaged foods (think Lucky Charms) are always on sale, and every week there are coupons galore. But try to get an ear of corn on sale or a banana ... even in season, and it is impossible.

It is not right that the high calorie foods, heavily processed foods are cheaper than the raw healthy versions.

No wonder the western world is fat


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