Friday, April 25, 2008

Pastry Chef in the Making!

Still awaiting my new camera, and it's getting annoying. Soon, I keep telling myself; be patient.

Meanwhile, here is a photo I thought you'd enjoy. Me at 7 (or thereabouts) with a cake I made for Brownies (as in Brownies/Girl Guides/Pathfinders /Girl Scouts). If memory serves (and it rarely does these days), this was auctioned off to raise money for something Brownie/Guide-related. Someone in Girl Guides bought the cake and was apparently quite happy with it.

The cake itself is a typical Betty Crackpot recipe from my mother's ancient Betty Crackpot Cookbook. Since it was winter, I decorated it with snowmen made from marshmallows stuck together with toothpicks and their hair and faces and clothing painted on with food colouring. My mom got me some Jujube Christmas trees and some colourful Smarties. The base was a piece of old paneling from our recent basement reno, covered with tin foil. The dress I am wearing, as well as the apron, were made lovingly by my mom.

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