Saturday, April 26, 2008


Today, I did something ridiculously stupid while baking a cake.

If you don't know this, I have a mental illness (or three) and right now I'm going through a significant medication change. Read about it here.

The point of this confession over here on my foodblog: my brain is functioning way below normal levels right now.

So, this morning I was making a cake for my brother's graduation. (I still have no camera, but will hopefully get a picture tomorrow when we have the celebration for the graduation, and I can get my sister-in-law to take some photos with her camera.) I did this in my KitchenAid Mixer and while I was mixing the wet ingredients together on speed 2 with the paddle attachment, I for some strange reason stuck my hand into the bowl to scoop out a bit of batter to test.

My hand got caught between the side of the bowl and the turning paddle.

If I had a camera, I would have taken a picture of the huge, swollen, purple bruise surrounding the knuckles at the base of the index and middle finger of my right hand, and the red puffiness of the knuckles themselves.

I'm not in any pain, but the bruise is spectacular and I suspect tomorrow my hand will be wee bit stiff and sore.

Oh yes. I am an idiot.

Lesson? It's obvious, isn't it? Don't bake a cake for your brother's graduation.

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