Saturday, October 08, 2005

Dinner Tonight: Roast Pig

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So, this weekend is a big one here at The Centre. Not only is it Thanksgiving up here in Canada, but we host a big to-do for the friends of the centre, who come here for a weekend of working and studying. They volunteer for various jobs, pray, etc., and we feed 'em copious amounts of food. The staff here look forward to this because it's got a real family feel to it.

One of the big traditions is the pig roast on Saturday night. The pig was purchased in town earlier on in the week and spent a few days on a low shelf in my walk-in fridge. I had someone put a bag over its head because I couldn't stand going in there and seeing it's little face poking out of the butcher's paper. It almost looked as if it was smiling at me.

We got this thing trussed and on the spit just before 11 this morning. Supper is supposed to be at 6, but I don't know if this'll be ready on time. At about 3, as I was coming off shift, you could see and hear the fat boiling inside the skin. At one point, it burst and the drippings caught fire and we had a big spurt of flame and black smoke. Luckily, there was a hose nearby.

I am planning on having a left over egg salad sandwich. Sorry, I just can't do this one.


mister anchovy said...

that is going to be very tasty!

Wandering Coyote said...

I had pasta (somebody ate my left over egg salad sandwich!). I just couldn't do it, especially after The Super had the thing splayed out on the counter as he hacked at it and peeled back the skin...oh dear, it was gross!

greatwhitebear said...

damn.. you shoulda Fed Ex'd me your share!

Isabella di Pesto said...

This post reminds me of a story I read about someone who wrote a cookbook. I think it was the author of "Joy of Cooking."

Anyway, some important lady was having a big important dinner party at her homewhere a roasted baby pig was being served.

The important lady told her server [a young woman], who was not fluent in English (I think the servant was Asian) to be sure to serve the pig with an apple in the mouth.

The server girl protested, but the important lady insisted and the server girl relented.

When the time came to serve the roasted baby pig course, the server girl, holding the platter with the piggy on it, came into the glittering dining room, holding an apple in HER mouth.


Wandering Coyote said...

They had a really hard time getting the apple in the mouth because the pig had such bad rigormortis that they couldn't pry the jaws apart enough! Gross!

Funny story, Isabella!


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