Sunday, February 20, 2011

Magazine Monday #75: Three Seed Biscuits

This recipe from Canadian Living's November 2010 issue caught my eye. Biscuits can really be indulgent in my world because they are so buttery, so fluffy, so good. These looked healthy, so I could enjoy them with a little less guilt than normal. I made them yesterday to go with the borscht I made & froze last week. They were excellent! I didn't have any sunflower seeds on hand, so I put in poppyseeds. Also, I didn't have any wheat germ, so I substituted quick oats.

The biscuits were great, nice & crunchy, and right out of the oven, they were a perfect accompaniment to the soup! This morning, I had a left over one with eggs for breakfast, and I have one more to enjoy later on, perhaps with some jam.

This keeper recipe is here.


DEZMOND said...

I could live on things like these :)

Pierce said...

I am a real bread person. All the folks on diets who avoid carbs...not me! I agree with Dezmon, I could live on these.

Future Grown-Up said...

You are seriously a whirling dervish of delicious recipes in the kitchen lately. Yummy.

creampuff said...

Love how high they rose!


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