Friday, February 11, 2011

Cadbury Mini Egg Ice Cream

In a fit of premenstrual pique last weekend, I purchased a 1kg bag of Cadbury mini eggs. It felt so evil, but they are so good! I just finished the bag off now, and let me tell you, it took considerable will power on my part to not inhale the whole bag within a day of purchase.

I didn't eat them all in their natural state, however. I had a brain wave during my PMS craziness: ice cream! Why not? I am out of store-bought ice cream and it's so frakking expensive here for the good stuff and the stuff I like that I'm not going to buy it. But it's cheap as hell to make, so make it I did! And the results were excellent!

Cadbury Mini Egg Ice Cream

2 cups whipping cream (35%)
1 cup whole milk (3%)
3/4 cup sugar
3 vanilla beans (I have a package I'm trying to use up because they're getting dry, so that's why I used this many)
1 cup chopped Cadbury mini eggs

This is my typical ice cream recipe (minus the mini eggs, of course). I just combine the cream, milk, sugar, and vanilla, really well in a large measuring cup, and pour it into my ice cream maker. Close to when the ice cream is ready to come out of the machine, I added the chopped mini eggs. Freeze till firm. And Bob's your uncle!

The shells turned the final product a bit of an odd colour, but that's OK. It tastes great!

I may need to buy another bag...


Karen said...

Holy shit that sounds awesome. I need an ice cream maker.

DEZMOND said...

sounds quite sinful :) Too bad not all of us have ice-cream machines :(

Future Grown-Up said...

You are a dangerous culinary temptress to the rest of us. It looks totally to die for.

Pierce said...

That is BRILLANT! Have you started writing up your cookbook yet?

Thanks for the nice comments you left me about Kobe. I am getting calmer now :-)

One Woman... said...

Holy sugar batman! I love your post! (and blog)...

Wandering Coyote said...

@ Karen: you can get them fairly inexpensively (relatively) from places like The Bay. Mine is a Cuisinart like this one

and it was about $80. Way worth the price because I've used it enough in the 8 years I've had it to make up for the cost, plus 1L of ice cream costs about $5 to make, and the good shit from the grocery store is like $8-9.

Dezzy: it's a good investment!

FGU: :D thanks! It's awesome, I have to say!

Pierce: I hope Kobe is OK, and no, no cookbook ideas yet!

One Woman: thanks for visiting, and it's always nice to meet new Canadian food bloggers, especially ones in BC! I lived in Victoria for a few years and really miss it! I have "followed" your blog so I can keep up.


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