Thursday, November 11, 2010

Latest Addiction

The season is changing, the clocks are turned back, and my mood disorder is rearing its ugly head. One of the things this means is that I'm craving crazy foods. Most recently, apart from wanting to inhale chocolate, pizza, and ice cream (ironic, given that it's cold out), I have been on a deviled ham & ramen noodle kick.

It's odd.

And it's not cheap! The ramen is cheap, but canned ham is not. At LOGS, it's $2.99/can. At Safeway, I got a can on sale for $2.49. During my cross border shopping excursion the other week, I found canned ham for about $1.80/can. WTF? That's highway robbery for frickin' ham IMHO!

Anyway, the deviled ham sandwich is such a throwback to church teas and church potlucks, and I was inspired to make a batch of deviled ham after my work put on a tea for the seniors. And I have been hooked ever since.

For those of you not familiar with the bliss that is deviled ham, it's very simple: a can of ham, flaked; some mayo; some sweet pickle relish. That's it. I spread my bread or bun with cream cheese and have a nice dill pickle with my sandwich. It's awesome.

Ramen is ramen. Rarely do I crave this stuff because it's so bad for you, but I seem to be unable to do without it nowadays.

None of this is good for my weight loss goals!


tamilyn said...

Is that the stuff that comes in a can wrapped in white paper? I thought here is was called deviled ham....or am I on the wrong track?

Wandering Coyote said...

White paper, eh? No. It's just like a can of tuna, but I have seen in the States cans of deviled ham. I haven't had that, though, just the plain canned ham that I make into my own deviled ham. I'm not sure the thought of canned deviled ham appeals to me..

Toccata said...

Ok, I'm sorry but that looks disgusting. I just stopped by because I saw your comment on the Bad Tempered Zombie. I was wondering if you heard about the first instalment of rescued UVic bunnies to a refuge? The bunnies were shipped to a refuge and then they escaped and were all shot by the farmer next door! We're also sending bunnies to Texas for $5000 bucks a piece. Yup, for the cost of a year's tuition you can send a bunny to Texas.

Really like your profile picture by the way.

Wandering Coyote said...

Hi Toccata! I remember you from BadTZ for sure. You are hilarious!

I wasn't aware of the great bunny escape. I only read the blurb in the UVic alumni magazine I receive, but of course they'd spin the whole thing as if it were all hunky dory.

I have a "regular" blog on WordPress: so you can reach me there, too, and that way you don't have to look at my iffy latest addictions!

Chris said...

The price of all pork has been crazy for the past 10 months. 3 years ago I could get pork butts for BBQ for .98 a lb. They are 2.30 a lb this week.

Forget gold.....invest in pigs!

Wandering Coyote said...

@ Chris: yeah, but you have the uber cheap chicken down there! I don't even buy chicken in Canada anymore because it's such a rip off. Your pork doesn't seem any more expensive than ours, and there are no limits on it coming back into Canada. I have gotten some great pork butts down there that were fairly inexpensive - at WalMart!

Pierce said...

You know, I thought you meant the little white wrapped packages of Underwood deviled ham too. I like that stuff...don't eat it much cause of the price but wow, you are really dealing with high prices. Seriously, $2.99 a can. That's just wrong.

Wandering Coyote said...

@ Pierce: well, I'll have to take a look around for these white-wrapped packages of deviled ham because I am now intrigued. I have seen nothing like that up here in Canada.

Judith said...

We used to call this ham and pickle. We used to buy deviled ham in little tins like flakes of ham and it was quite spicy. It's good mixed with the egg yolks and may for deviled eggs.

crazytigerrabbitman said...

Thought you may like to see what some of your recipes are fueling:

Peggy said...

i've never had deviled ham, but I'd give anything a try once!

Pierce said...

Now that I have a KitchenAid pot just like yours, maybe I ought to make a deviled ham laced no knead bread. Hmmmm...I will bet that would be good. I also found another no knead bread book I will write you about.


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