Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Az's Marinated Potatoes

I just wanted to give a shout-out to my friend Azahar, who has a great food blog, Azahar's Kitchen. Recently, she posted a great recipe for marinated potatoes that I made for some company I had over for the wedding craziness. This recipe rocked and it was a huge hit! I couldn't find the sherry vinegar, so I substituted it with apple cider vinegar and it worked out very well. I also used red-skinned nugget potatoes - my favourite! I am still on the hunt for some oak-aged sherry vinegar and I have one more place to check (that would be LOGS, so keep your fingers crossed that if they do actually have it it won't cost me $3289+++).

This dish was a really refreshing change from your typical potato salad, so I will for sure keep this recipe around!

Recipe here.

Thanks, Az!


Anonymous said...

Those look delish! I've never left the skins on before - will try that next time.

Isn't it interesting how sometimes the simplest things are so amazing?

Tina said...

I like leaving the skins on...this looks great. I was thinking of you the other day when getting a fat roasting hen ready for the oven, I am going to link to your "roasted chicken" series when I post it!

Wandering Coyote said...

I always leave the skins on when making potato salads and things like that because that's where all the nutrients are! It kills me when, at work, I have to peel all potatoes because, apparently, the seniors don't like, or have a hard time eating, potato skins!

Pierce said...

Persnickity seniors! I love the skins and yeah, they are healthy for you.........don't you love the roasted crisp potato skins when you roast them with olive oil. Yummy!

KleinsteMotte said...

Interesting substitution, apple cider vinegar. Sherry vinegar must have a different taste.I love that type of potatoes. We eat mashed with skin on. Might seniors eat that?

Wandering Coyote said...

No skins for these seniors! Really! Even when I do baked potatoes for them, they eat everything except the skins!

Future Grown-Up said...

Poor seniors...leaving the skins is my favorite thing to do and only sometimes is it because I'm too lazy to peel. These look awesome.


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