Saturday, January 21, 2006

Tania's Tag: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Tania over at The Candied Quince tagged me for this meme. I feel a little challenged by it, but here goes nothing. I'm going to keep with a food theme, here.

1. Foods I cannot stand, and in fact, make me gag: black licorice, peas, offal, squash (but love spaghetti squash), capers, roe, beef cheek.
2. My first kitchen job was as a dishwasher/server at the University of Victoria Housing, Food, and Conference Services. The pot scrubbing shift I did once a week for a year was to date the highest paying job I've ever had.
3. In the past 10 years, I have eaten at McDonald's a grand total of two whole times.
4. I won't touch fat free yogurt with a 10-foot pole. The texture is just gross.
5. I love to put engevita yeast on my popcorn. I got onto this at UVic, where at their theatre, they had a shaker of it at the concession stand.
6. I won two prizes for cake decoration when I was in elementary school. One was at Rossland's fall fair, where I submitted a cake in the shape of a cat that my mom help me make from a picture in her Betty Crocker cookbook. The other was for a fundraiser that my Brownie troup participated in. The cake was a winter theme with white icing, and I made snowmen out of marshmallows, toothpicks, and food colouring.
7. I have abnormally low cholesterol, so I don't skimp on eggs or butter or full fat sour cream.
8. I have a large cup of homemade cocoa every morning before breakfast, the way many people have a large cup of coffee before they do anything in the morning.
9. My first attempt at breadbaking was a crack at English muffins, supervised by my mother. They were a total disaster, but hey, I was 12.
10. My favourite herb to cook with is cilantro.

That was kinda fun! Thanks Tania, and I don't want to tag anyone in particular, but if one of my readers wants to take up the baton, go right ahead. Just let me know.


Caroline said...

Just to show I really didn't mind the tag yesterday I've done this one too!

Ivonne said...

Wandering Coyote,

I'm completely with you on #4!!! Great list!

Ivonne said...

Ok ... I just saw the profiteroles from your April post. Oh! My! Goodness!

Profiteroles WITH clotted cream ... why was I not informed of this sooner.

And don't worry about the shameless plug ... you should be sending that post and photo to every news organization in the world! Then the universe would be a much happier place ...

You have made my evening ...



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