Sunday, March 20, 2005

Giada's Salmon

Yesterday morning I watched Everyday Italian with Giada de Laurentiis, whom I like very much. She made something like this on the show so I thought I'd try it out for dinner last night. It was a big hit.

Here it is.

1. Take salmon. I used a side because I was feeding four people, but you can adjust this very easily to accommodate the number of people you're feeding. Put in a baking dish or on a piece of heavy duty foil.
2. Take some vine-ripened tomatoes and chop roughly - no need to peel or seed. You'll need enough to cover the top of the salmon you're making.
3. Put the chopped tomatoes into a bowl and add salt & pepper to taste, some dried herbs like oregano, thyme, basil, some finely chopped scallions or shallots or onion of some description, some fresh garlic to taste.
4. Pour over this some good quality olive oil, just to coat - you're not making a salad dressing with it. Over this, squeeze some fresh lemon juice to taste.
5. Spread this over the salmon evenly. If using the baking dish, cover well with foil and bake until salmon is cooked through. If you're just using foil, fold it around the fish firmly into a nice package and cook until done.

I served this with rice and a green salad.

Notes to the readership.

  • You could use halibut, cod, or many other types of fish for this, including large shrimp.
  • If fresh tomatoes are not available, canned ones are fine; just drain off the juice. But don't chuck the juice! Save it and put it in soup or something.
  • Feel free to play around with the herbs. This has a distinctly Italian flavour to it with the oregano etc., but dill would be nice, too.
Questions, comments? You know the deal.


Not_Without_My_Heels said...

Hi, it's my first time here on your blog.. I love cooking, especially fish.. well I tried it once and it was a success so.. haha.. Anyways.. don't you marinate the salmon with anything and leave to stand?

Wandering Coyote said...


Not with this particular recipe. But here is a simple marinate that is exellent:

fresh lemon juice & zest, white wine, dill, fresh garlic - enough of the liquid to cover the salmon, dill & garlic to taste; equal amounts of wine and lemon juice. Don't let this marinate for more than half an hour because the acid from the lemon juice will start to cook the salmon and it'll get flakey and hard to handle.

try it and let me know.

Not_Without_My_Heels said...

Wow, sounds hard! haha, but I'll give it a try :)
I can't use wine though..

Wandering Coyote said...

Dealcoholized wine works fine - I use it myself. Or, you can use straight lemon juice but decrease the marinading time by half.

marissa said...

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