Saturday, June 04, 2011

Magazine Monday #81: Peanut butter, chocolate chip, and bacon cookies

I have to admit, until today, I hadn't ventured into the whole chocolate-bacon flavour combination craze. But as is common with me, strange cravings come upon me suddenly, and I get to thinking about recipes I've come across that didn't appeal to me at first glance but all of a sudden seem like something I just have to have right now. This recipe was one of those times.

Thank God - and my mom! - for Food Network Magazine! In the most recent issue, they had a recipe for peanut butter, chocolate chip, and bacon cookies, and so I made them this afternoon when a craving inserted itself into my brain.

The recipe is here.

Usually not a fan of savoury items paired with chocolate, these cookies were awesome! In fact, I think they could have used more bacon than what the recipe called for. I didn't put the chilli powder in the dough because I thought that was going a bit too far and seemed a bit too weird, but the bacon paired with the peanut butter and chocolate was just great. The cinnamon was a perfect little hint of spice. My dad came over and I fed him some, and he thought they were the oddest combination of ingredients out there - and he couldn't taste the bacon. So next time, more bacon! Also, I had to add a few tbsp of milk to the dough as mine was too dry to form into balls.

Other than that, a totally keeper recipe!


Bridget Jones said...

Seriously? Will take your word for it, as you have terrific taste!

Barb Patch and Mark Spurrier said...

MORE BACON!!!! SOUNDS TERRIFIC! Seriously, the sweet, smokey, salty combo is just incredible. Bacon makes everything better!!!!!

Jodi said...

Someday, I'll have to introduce you to my sweet and spicy bacon crack. Bacon, brown sugar, coriander, and cayenne in copious amounts. If I ever get married again, that bacon will elicit the proposal.

DEZMOND said...

I'd try it without the poor dead piggy pieces in it :(

I made a strawberry cake this weekend , you have the report over at Face :)

Future Grown-Up said...'ve crossed over to bacon chocolate side at last :) These look awesome.

Selene Scotton said...

Wow what an interesting combination! My friend recently had a chocolate and bacon candy bar and said it was terrific so I am sure these cookies are even better!


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