Thursday, December 09, 2010

Catering Capers

Man, has it been this long since my last post. Wow. I really am neglectful.

My SIL and I catered a Christmas party on November 27, and here are some of the things we prepared. This was for the same people we catered a Christmas party for the year before, only this time there was a much simpler menu; last year there was too much food and too many leftovers.

The menu for this year:

Beef Yakatori skewers
Lemon, dill, and garlic salmon skewers
Chicken souvlaki skewers with tadziki dip
Boconccini & cherry tomato skewers with balsamic reduction
Crostini with goat's cheese & olive tapenade
Crostini with pesto & boconccini
Coconut cupcakes

Here are some photos.

I have another catering gig lined up with C, my SIL's mom, on December 22. It's for a curling club Christmas lunch. I'm really looking forward to that!


Pierce said...

The catering gigs sound like fun. Lots of good loking food you guys put together!

Borderline Lil said...

How many ways are there to say YUM???? Those coconut cupcakes look like the bee's knees.


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