Sunday, April 11, 2010

She's Back!

For well over four years now, my lovely Cuisinart food processor has been in storage. She was actually broken and needed a part glued back on, but because I always lived in a place furnished with a food processor already, I never bothered fixing her until the other day. I got some crazy glue and...she's back!!!

And now that she is back, I realize how much I missed her! Woo-hoo!


Future Grown-Up said...

It is great to have a place of our own with all all possessions just as we like them!

How is Juno doing with her new digs?

Kim said...

Hooray for getting back your old familiar friend:D

Cathy said...

Yay!! I feel lost without my kitchen appliances.

Chris said...

Mine is on it's last leg but super glue won't help. I just need a new one.

Pierce said...

Food processors have a place on the kitchen counter. Love mine and I know you are so glad to have your own back.

Tia said...

i love that blue! welcome back little food processor :)

as for more whole orange recipes, please send them my way or link me to where I can find them on your blog. I'd love to try em.


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