Thursday, September 28, 2006


Peabody tagged me for this. Thanks!

I am thinking about: what I'm going to have for dinner
I said: "I'll have a scoop of cookies n cream in a waffle cone" early this afternoon
I want to: make fancy cookies with my cool new leaf cookie cutters
I wish: I had more get up and go these days
I regret: working at that dreadful bakery this past spring
I hear: my sister-in-law decluttering the house
I am: feeling kinda cranky these days
I dance: never; I've always hated dancing
I sing: along frequently to whatever I'm listening too
I cry: more than I admit
I am not: patient
I am: a great bread-baker!
I write: frequently
I confuse: myself (sometimes)
I need: to practice piping techniques

I tag: tshsmom and Nancy Drew


Nancy Drew said...

I am thinking about: gorging on new york style cherry cheesecake (which I can't eat but DEARLY would love)
I said: I'll have a toasted bagel instead just before I go to sleep darn diabetes
I want to: be healthy but am soooo lazy
I wish: that I have more ummm energy
I regret: gaining allll that weight in 1990
I hear: my TV (left it on for the cat to watch)
I am: feeling hungry but am sick of salad
I dance: never
I sing: not so much these days, dunno wny
I cry: not at all (good meds!)
I am not: a morning person!
I am: happy
I write: a lot (blog, work)
I confuse: left with right
I need: to focus more on others and to get out more

Anonymous said...

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