Monday, August 08, 2005

First Professional Cake Decoration

Originally uploaded by wanderingcoyote.

This was my first ever professional, paid cake decoration. I want to stress that I didn't make the icing, my co-cook did. It was raspberry and quite runny. I can't remember now what the actual cake was...


Isabella di Pesto said...

Haven't posted here in a while, WC, but I have been stopping by and reading your wonderful recipes for citrus desserts.

The cake is beautiful. Congrats!

and thanks for those fab recipes!

mark said...

Cake decorating is sucn an art! My mom used to do most of the wedding cakes and special occasion cakes for our church. I used to love to watch her! When I got older I used to get drafted to make sugar bells for the wedding cakes. Even made them for my own!

sarah said...

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