Monday, August 08, 2005

First Professional Cake Decoration

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This was my first ever professional, paid cake decoration. I want to stress that I didn't make the icing, my co-cook did. It was raspberry and quite runny. I can't remember now what the actual cake was...

Birthday Cake

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I did this cake a couple of weeks ago for a guest whom I never met but heard was tickled pink when this was presented to her. It's an 8" cake and this is a border similar to the one I did for my final exam back in March.

Family Reunion Cake

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This is the cake I did on Thursday for the family reunion we catered that night. The family just loved it and were posing for pictures with it and everything. The cake recipe I used was the orange cake from a couple of posts ago. This is a 16x24-inch slab, which is 4 times the original cake recipe. The icing is orange cream cheese buttercream and the piping of the words was done in chocolate.


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